Understanding the Future

Helping governments to forecast, plan, manage and adapt

Strategic Consulting

Ae is an independent company that provides support to governments to tax and administer their resource sector by developing the necessary economic and fiscal skills, and by using advanced tools and techniques to help harness natural assets for transformative development.

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Economic Models and Forecasts

Ae has an unrivalled expertise in designing fiscal regimes and in building economic and forecasting tools that can model the evolution and wealth generation of a country’s extractive resource sector, and link it to the economic growth potential of the country as a whole.

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Technology Solutions

Ae has a technology division which promotes the use of technology as an enabler for government. Many of the models and tools Ae builds incorporate the latest technologies to enhance the user experience.

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Professional Development

By building capacity and developing professional skills over the long-term, and through trusted relations, Ae strongly believes that the latent potential of individuals can be awakened and national capabilities truly enhanced.

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