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Ae is a consulting and technology company that works only with governments to deliver technology solutions for public administration and fiscal policy with an emphasis on energy, minerals, transport, public authorities and other sectors.

Ae is recruiting!

We are currently looking for a Business Consultant to join our team. The ideal candidate should have a positive team spirit and be eager to take part in international projects and high-level challenges that will allow him/her to push his/her own limits.

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Experts in turning data into insight

Our teams build digital solutions, provide strategic consulting, and deliver tailored training to support and empower government departments.
What We Do

Stay ahead of the digital conversation

Technology can transform the working environment by streamlining work processes, making information available to those who need it, permitting the capture, storage and processing of complex datasets, visualizing end-user outputs and, ultimately, by creating an environment in which the business of Government can run smoothly.

Ae has developed digital solutions that deliver positive outcomes to client worldwide.

How We Do It

Providing data insight through digital innovation

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