Economic Models and Forecasts

A wise counsellor will not tell you what to do but will give you the knowledge and the means with which you can decide what best to do.


How should the fiscal regime be designed?

How should the taxation of natural resource companies be administered?

How sensitive should the rate of tax be to changes in commodity prices?

Is it possible for governments to resolve
the conflict of optimising the tax it collects
but at the same time encouraging resource companies to invest billions of dollars in
projects that might last decades?

And, how can future fiscal revenues be incorporated into a national budgetary strategy and an economic framework that will benefit future generations?

These are important questions that require complex policy responses, and a level of foresight that can only be gained with the aid of modern economic devices and techniques to help interrogate the past and interpret the future.

Ae has an unrivalled expertise in designing fiscal regimes and in building economic and forecasting tools that can model the evolution and wealth generation of a country’s extractive resource sector, and link it to the economic growth potential of the country as a whole. Developed over many years, and drawing from experts within both academia and industry, Ae has learnt how to present economic resource models in user-friendly formats that provide government institutions with the advanced information they need, and the means with which to analyse and interpret what they find.

Wishful thinking is not a basis for sound economic policy.