17 years of digital innovation

Ae established

Ae was founded with the goal of assisting governments in managing and taxing their resource sectors. We achieve this through the development of cutting-edge technologies and by offering specialized training and support.



Revolutionising tax declarations

Ae developed the Fiscal Declaration System (FDS) to streamline the tax declaration submission process. It helps analyse submitted data and identifies potential infringements or irregularities.

Introducing MAP

Ae introduced the Aggregate Forecast Model (MAP), a government system that predicts economic, financial, and fiscal outcomes linked to oil production. This system provides forecasts for the entire lifecycle, calculates future tax revenues, and aids in reconciling taxes declared by oil companies.



Empowering government data analysis

Launched SAF 1.0, the Fiscal Administration System, a system for governments requiring advanced granularity in their fiscal data. It serves as an access point for specific service modules that assist departments in analysing data.

Fiscal monitoring specialists

Ae committed to developing SAF to be a leader in fiscal monitoring, data analytics and process integration, preparing a roadmap of future modules planned for release.



Improving administrative efficiencies

Ae launched Stratus, a system designed to improve administrative efficiencies within government, and to give the user the power and flexibility to visualise, analyse, report and share information.

SAF 2.0 launched

Launched SAF 2.0, the second generation of our flagship Fiscal Administration System, expanding its flexibility to interrogate and analyse fiscal information, and link to audited company data.



Elevating data quality

Ae launched the Oil Industry Data module (DIP) to collect information for MAP using an online portal. This module enhances data accuracy and quality with verification and alert features. It also includes a visual comparison of current and previous data.

Simplifying taxation reporting

Ae launched the Fiscal Reference Price module, designed to simplify the process of calculating and handling data for PRF, an essential tool for taxation. It manages reception, analysis, substitution of provided data, upload of the relevant market data and automation of reporting processes.



Enhancing export efficiency

Launched the Fiscal Metering System module, designed to streamline the recording of metering data, with specific interfaces for different stakeholders in the export process. SMF uses three secure portals and alerts to keep users informed about important events that need immediate attention.

Committed to training

Ae is actively shaping the future with our third-generation software, introducing fresh advancements in data analysis and visual reporting. We're also growing our team of specialists and enhancing client support while reinforcing our commitment to innovative initiatives and tools through dedicated training sessions.