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Economic modelling, forecasting and optimisation

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Providing governments with quality insight

The economic modelling, forecasting, and optimisation tools we develop help policymakers, businesses, and researchers make informed decisions, understand economic trends, and optimise resource allocation.

Developed over many years, and drawing from experts within both academia and industry, Ae has learnt how to present economic resource models in user-friendly formats that provide government institutions with the advanced information they need, and the means with which to analyse and interpret what they find.

Interrogate the past and optimise the future

Ae has an unrivalled expertise in designing fiscal regimes and in building economic and forecasting tools that can model the evolution and wealth generation of a country’s extractive resource sector and link it to the economic growth potential of the country.

Conceptualizing real-world scenarios

The economic models we develop represent complex economic systems to understand how different factors interact. Economists use our models to analyse the potential impact of different policy changes on the economy. For example, they might model the effects of tax cuts, interest rate changes, or government spending on economic growth and inflation.

Economic models are used to study consumer behaviour, supply and demand dynamics, and market competition. These models help businesses make pricing decisions and understand market trends.

The economic forecasting tools we develop use historical data, statistical methods, and economic models to predict future economic trends.

The governments we work with use economic forecasts to plan budgets, taxation policies, and social programs. Accurate forecasts are crucial for effective governance and resource allocation.

Accurate modelling, forecasting, and optimisation depend on high-quality data.


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