Professional Development

By merging academic excellence with commercial insight we have forged a unique knowledge base that can be shared with our clients.


Ae is an independent company with a deep-rooted academic heritage. The principal staff originated from the economics department of the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, under the leadership of Professor Alex Kemp OBE, one of the world’s most distinguished professors of petroleum economics. The company continues to have strong ties with Aberdeen University’s business school and school of geo-science, and often partners with University economists to deliver trusted, independent economic advice.

Ae experts have worked for governments around the world including Angola, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Tanzania and Zanzibar, Ghana, Iran, Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago, Russia, Lebanon, Greenland, New Zealand and Australia. Principal staff and associates of Ae come from a range of industry and academic backgrounds. They have typically developed long-term client relations over many years which have given them crucial in-depth insights and sector related experience on a global scale.

Ae supports the University of Aberdeen’s Continuing Professional Development Programme (CPD) and provides lecturers to its “Oil and Gas Enterprise Management” MSC, in addition to developing bespoke CPD courses for its own clients. For government employees and technicians, participating in CPD programmes helps to keep knowledge and skill-sets up-to-date, builds confidence and credibility, allows individuals to showcase their achievements and equips them with the tools to cope positively with change. By building capacity and developing professional skills over the long-term, and through trusted relations, Ae strongly believes that the latent potential of individuals can be awakened and national capabilities truly enhanced.

Attaining academic excellence is not a skill it’s an attitude.