Technology Products


Fiscal Administration:


Ae has developed a Fiscal Administration System (SAF) for governments requiring advanced granularity in their fiscal data.

SAF is an automated online submission process of tax returns from oil and gas companies, which provides government with the flexibility to interrogate and analyse fiscal information.

The system can link to audited company data and it can be used as a back-check for earlier tax and production forecasts.

Public Administration:


Stratus is a web-based portal that enables different categories of users to access a variety of models, data, work-processes and daily/monthly work-flows.

The aim of Stratus is to improve administrative efficiencies within government, and to give the user the power and flexibility to visualise, analyse, report and share information in a format superior to that of standard spreadsheets or generic software.

Revenue Forecasts:


MAP is a government model that generates economic, financial and fiscal forecasts relating to the petroleum sector of a resource rich country. Developed in partnership with government institutions, MAP produces forecasts of revenues, taxes and reserves from over 100 onshore and offshore oil and gas fields.

The software was designed with the central aim of crafting user outputs and data processing inputs relevant to government needs.

Economic Forecasts:


Ae and the University of Aberdeen have built a macro-fiscal framework (MACFF) for a national government, that incorporates petroleum revenues and petroleum gross domestic product (GDP) as key inputs to future economic growth. Bringing together sector specific expertise and academic macro-economic capability has enabled Ae to deliver a tool for use in setting national budgets, and for establishing consistent economic and fiscal policy.