Technology Solutions

Good, bad or indifferent, if you are not investing in new technology you are going to be left behind.


Companies recognise that technology is an enabler for business growth, innovation and operational effectiveness. Governments should recognise the same enabling potential of technology to promote innovation and to release the creative talent of their workforce.

The use of technology as a fundamental government strategy is visionary. It requires internal cultural and behavioural change and a willingness to adopt new ways of thinking and doing. But those who embrace technological innovation can be rewarded with an immediate and positive return on investment.

Technology can transform the working environment by streamlining work processes, making information available to those who need it, permitting the capture, storage and processing of complex datasets, visualizing end-user outputs and, ultimately, by creating an environment in which the business of Government can run smoothly.

Ae has a technology division which promotes the use of technology as an enabler for government. Many of the models and tools Ae builds incorporate the latest technologies to enhance the user experience. Data inputs are automated, information is shared, analytics and outputs are visualized, working methods are made more efficient. The application of technology solutions is fundamental to the core of the Ae philosophy and underpins everything that we do as a company.

Data security and integrity are as crucial to government as they are to business. Complacency is not an option and Ae places a high premium on the security of its systems and the integrity of its data management policies.

Technology Products

Ae provide a range of Technology Products to support Governments.

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The goal of technology is to turn data into information and information
into insight.