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Our teams build digital solutions, provide strategic consulting, and deliver tailored training to support and empower government departments.

Our fiscal, digital & training expertise allows us to deliver :


Strategic Consultancy

Ae provides strategic policy support to governments, particularly fiscal policy in relation to large resource sectors, such as extractive minerals and oil and gas, and infrastructure sectors such as transport.
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Economic Modelling

Our economists design programs to support our advisory work. Future outcomes can then be modelled which help governments determine future policy and manage budgetary aspirations.
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Professional Development

A key part of our work is to build capacity where it is needed in partnership with our client. We work to develop and build in-country skills for the long-term, using tailored training and academic inputs.

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Data Monitoring

Our technology solutions provide governments with the flexibility to monitor, interrogate, analyse, and report on vast technical datasets.

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Digital Transformation

Our developers create solutions that streamline workflows, automate reporting, and improve decision-making.

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Our solutions

Fiscal Administration

Ae has developed a fiscal administration system for a government client needing advanced granularity in its fiscal data. The system enables the online submission of monthly tax returns from oil, gas and mining companies, and provides the client with the flexibility to interrogate and analyse fiscal information while also linking to audited company data.

Revenue Forecasting

Ae has built a revenue forecasting model that generates economic, financial, and fiscal forecasts for governments. Designed specifically for the extractive resource sector, such as oil and gas and hard-rock minerals, it was developed in partnership with government institutions. The current version utilises data from over 100 oil and gas fields and produces 20-year forecasts.

Public Administration

Ae has built a web-based portal for a government client that enables categories of users to access work processes and daily and monthly workflows. The web-portal improves efficiencies within public administration and gives users the power and flexibility to visualise, analyse, report, and share information in a format superior to that of standard spreadsheets or generic software.

Document Management

Ae has used Microsoft SharePoint to create a document management system for a government client. The customised system streamlines document processing procedures, manages full document lifecycles, and implements tailored workflows that allows users to assign and monitor tasks based on different levels of access.

Oil Production Monitoring

Ae has built a monitoring system of hydrocarbon production activities for a government client. The system gathers real-time production data from over 100 oil and gas fields, and interfaces directly with onshore and offshore facilities. The system is critical for the control and measurement of hydrocarbons extracted in real-time.

Providing data insight through digital innovation

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