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Extractive resources fiscal policy and design

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Establish resource wealth

One of the few areas of economic policy which can impact the economic growth and development of a country for generations relates to extractive resource industries such as oil and gas.

Many countries do not have the specialist skills to design ways in which to tax an important resource such as oil and gas, and to administer and manage the resulting wealth.

Meeting the skills challenge

The skills challenge is compounded by the fact that commercial companies operating in extractive resource industries are working in an environment remote from the rest of the economy.

They use their own technical and fiscal experts to generate profits but do not transfer their knowledge to the countries in which they work.  

Build institutional capacity

The challenge for governments wanting to understand how the extractive resource sector can be used to create long-term economic benefit is to develop a level of institutional capacity capable of matching that of the industry itself.

Ae helps governments to achieve this with economic models and strategies so that they can design policies to effectively capture a share of the resource revenues for the economic benefit of their country.


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